LDS Autism/Asperger’s Facebook Group

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I have created a Facebook group for Autism & Asperger’s.  Everyone is welcome to join!

Thank you,
Tom Irvine



Abish the Lamanite Healer

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Alma 19

[15] Now, when the servants of the king had seen that they had fallen, they also began to cry unto God, for the fear of the Lord had come upon them also, for it was they who had stood before the king and testified unto him concerning the great power of Ammon.

[16] And it came to pass that they did call on the name of the Lord, in their might, even until they had all fallen to the earth, save it were one of the Lamanitish women, whose name was Abish, she having been converted unto the Lord for many years, on account of a remarkable vision of her father —

[17] Thus, having been converted to the Lord, and never having made it known, therefore, when she saw that all the servants of Lamoni had fallen to the earth, and also her mistress, the queen, and the king, and Ammon lay prostrate upon the earth, she knew that it was the power of God; and supposing that this opportunity, by making known unto the people what had happened among them, that by beholding this scene it would cause them to believe in the power of God, therefore she ran forth from house to house, making it known unto the people.

[18] And they began to assemble themselves together unto the house of the king. And there came a multitude, and to their astonishment they beheld the king, and the queen, and their servants prostrate upon the earth, and they all lay there as though they were dead; and they also saw Ammon, and behold, he was a Nephite.

[19] And now the people began to murmur among themselves; some saying that it was a great evil that had come upon them, or upon the king and his house, because he had suffered that the Nephite should remain in the land.

[20] But others rebuked them, saying: The king hath brought this evil upon his house, because he slew his servants who had had their flocks scattered at the waters of Sebus.

[21] And they were also rebuked by those men who had stood at the waters of Sebus and scattered the flocks which belonged to the king, for they were angry with Ammon because of the number which he had slain of their brethren at the waters of Sebus, while defending the flocks of the king.

[22] Now, one of them, whose brother had been slain with the sword of Ammon, being exceedingly angry with Ammon, drew his sword and went forth that he might let it fall upon Ammon, to slay him; and as he lifted the sword to smite him, behold, he fell dead.

[23] Now we see that Ammon could not be slain, for the Lord had said unto Mosiah, his father: I will spare him, and it shall be unto him according to thy faith — therefore, Mosiah trusted him unto the Lord.

[24] And it came to pass that when the multitude beheld that the man had fallen dead, who lifted the sword to slay Ammon, fear came upon them all, and they durst not put forth their hands to touch him or any of those who had fallen; and they began to marvel again among themselves what could be the cause of this great power, or what all these things could mean.

[25] And it came to pass that there were many among them who said that Ammon was the Great Spirit, and others said he was sent by the Great Spirit;

[26] But others rebuked them all, saying that he was a monster, who had been sent from the Nephites to torment them.

[27] And there were some who said that Ammon was sent by the Great Spirit to afflict them because of their iniquities; and that it was the Great Spirit that had always attended the Nephites, who had ever delivered them out of their hands; and they said that it was this Great Spirit who had destroyed so many of their brethren, the Lamanites.

[28] And thus the contention began to be exceedingly sharp among them. And while they were thus contending, the woman servant who had caused the multitude to be gathered together came, and when she saw the contention which was among the multitude she was exceedingly sorrowful, even unto tears.

[29] And it came to pass that she (Abish) went and took the queen by the hand, that perhaps she might raise her from the ground; and as soon as she touched her hand she arose and stood upon her feet, and cried with a loud voice, saying: O blessed Jesus, who has saved me from an awful hell! O blessed God, have mercy on this people!

* * * * *

Abish did not hold the priesthood but still had a spiritual power to heal…

Brother Aspie considers Abish to be a Christ-centered energy healer.

Brother Aspie has had some traumatic trials throughout his life including some harsh unrighteous dominion from authority figures both inside and outside the LDS Church. He went to counseling and took doctor-prescribed medication, but his soul wounds persisted.

Brother Aspie prayed earnestly to the Lord for healing. After some time, the Lord directed him to two latter-day Abish women.

The women anointed Brother Aspie with oil and gave him a prayerful, hands-on blessing. This was a remarkable spiritual experience for him.

Brother Aspie was saddened that an Apostle spoke against energy healing at LDS General Conference, October 2017. But Brother Aspie can never deny the power of the Holy Ghost which came upon him during his healing session with the Abish women.

* * * * *

3 And being in Bethany in the house of Simon the leper, as he sat at meat, there came a woman having an alabaster box of ointment of spikenard very precious; and she brake the box, and poured it on his head.

4 And there were some that had indignation within themselves, and said, Why was this waste of the ointment made?

5 For it might have been sold for more than three hundred pence, and have been given to the poor. And they murmured against her.

6 And Jesus said, Let her alone; why trouble ye her? she hath wrought a good work on me.

Mark 14

* * * * *

49 And John answered and said, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name; and we forbad him, because he followeth not with us.
50 And Jesus said unto him, Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us.

Luke 9

Indigo Children

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This list is developed by play therapist Jan Yordy , a former elementary school teacher and child counselor who’s been working with parents and children for 25 years.

1) May be strong willed independent thinkers who prefer to do their own thing rather than comply with authority figures/parents.

2) Have a wisdom and level of caring beyond their youthful experience.

3) Traditional Parenting and discipline strategies don’t appear effective with these children. If you try to force an issue, a power struggle is the typical outcome.

4) Energetically, Indigos are vibrating at a much higher frequencey so they can get scrambled by negative energy.

5) Emotionally they can be reactive and may have problems with anxieties, depression or temper rages if not energetically balanced.

6) Are creative right brain thinkers, but may struggle to learn in a traditional left brain school system.

7) Often Indigos are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD since they appear impulsive (their brain can process information faster) and they require movement to help keep them better focused.

8) Indigos are very intuitive, and may see hear or know things that seem unexplainable.

9) Indigos have more problems with food and environmental sensitivities, since their system is more finely tuned.

10) When their needs are not met, these children seem self centered and demanding, although this is not their true nature.

11) These children have incredible gifts and potential, but they may be shut down when not properly nurtured and accepted.

* * *

The LDS Church environment can be very challenging for Aspies, empaths and Indigos, due to the insistence on strict compliance to handbook rules and obedience to priesthood authority.

– Tom Irvine

Lessons from my Psychologist

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I have started a series of therapy sessions with a psychologist who is LDS. Actually she is with LDS Family Services, but she speaks her mind freely instead of relying on fully-correlated, pre-approved counseling points. She also says that she prays about the people she meets with, which I appreciate.

I will call her “Sister K.” Actually, I used to home teach Sister K and her husband. They are fine people.

One of the reasons for these meetings is so that I can learn to deal with church authority figures with whom I have had many devastating experiences. I have anxiety and hypervigilance as a result.

* * *

Here are a few points from Sister K.

1. Church leaders often have “type A” personalities. Most people assume that these types are called because they know how to get things done. But the real reason is that they have “rough spots” with respect to human relations that they need to smooth out.

2. People, including leaders, do things that make themselves feel better.

3. If two church members have an interaction that leaves one feeling hurt, then the situation needs to be smoothed out. Who is “right” and who is “wrong” does not matter.

4. I have been too idealistic in my expectations toward people, particularly church leaders. I need to be realistic and realize that life is not fair.

5. Other people, including herself, have had problems with church leaders.

* * *

My thoughts on Sister K’s points.

1. Oh, I guess that makes me cannon fodder.

2. I think she was referring to some form of self-validation. For example, a man may be called to be a bishop. Someone tells him that he is too soft on people. So then he goes out and acts like a stern authoritarian to make himself feel better.

3. Reminds me of Elder Zwick’s excellent talk “What are you thinking?”

4. Point accepted. Life can be unfair.

5. I am not alone.

* * *

I am continuing to meet with Sister K and will post updates.

* * *

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An Aspie Mormon’s Experience

– Tom Irvine

Or an Adult!

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An Aspie Mormon’s Experience

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Here is a letter I wrote to my kind-hearted LDS psychologist:


– Tom Irvine

Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson probably had Asperger’s syndrome. So I can relate 🙂